Local Deal Saver for your Business

Why advertise on Local Deal Saver?

No Upfront Cost!Unlike radio or TV, when advertising on Local Deal Saver, there is no up-front fee – after your offer runs, you will get all the proceeds less Local Deal Saver’s commission – no fuss, no bother. Specify the terms and conditions of your offer to ensure that you get customers to help you grow your business.

Get lots of great new customers Local Deal Saver offers are seen by hundreds of thousands of people – from direct email members to thousands of Facebook fans and thousands of Tweeters! The Local Deal Saver website gets over a million of views each month, with thousands of new members joining every month.

Go viral Not only will your business and brand be exposed to thousands of potential customers but those people will tell their friends if they have a great experience. Local Deal Saver members are on-line, digital, savvy and respond quickly to great offers.

ZERO up-front Cost advertising You don’t pay a cent up-front, so there’s absolutely nothing to lose (except for lots of new customers…). The graphics and copy-writing are all handled by Local Deal Saver. Local Deal Saver only generate income by taking a commission based on the deals sold.

Cheaper and more cost effective than Radio, TV, or Print Advertising Unlike other forms of advertising, there is no upfront cost. You are virtually guaranteed new customers through your door. You will know they came from Local Deal Saver, so you can track how much they spend, even when they come back next time.

If you would like to know about working with Local Deal Saver, please e-mail localdealsaver@kingsnetwork.net